Have you been wondering where to stay for the best glamping in Southern Oregon? You’re in the right place!

There’s no place like Oregon for a nature-inspired summer getaway!

I just arrived back from a road trip down the West Coast, and I’m so excited to tell you about my experience glamping at Rossetto Ranch‘s Honeylunar canvas bell tent. We were lucky to be one of the first guests to stay with them, and so much has been improved upon so we can’t wait to show you!

This beautiful glamping campsite is nestled in Southern Oregon within an hour of Crater Lake National Park and Lava Beds National Monument so you can enjoy all the outdoor activities that make this region so special.

I have spent the past 7 summers camping and glamping around the country, and I’ve talked to many hikers and campers who are looking for comfortable and sustainable accommodations. When it comes to finding that perfect balance between roughing it in style and having access to modern amenities, Rossetto Ranch is one of the best places on the West Coast.

For full disclosure, this was not a hosted or sponsored stay. We found and booked this stay completely on our own, and all opinions are our own. That being said, we have since been in contact with the owners and are such big fans of their small business! Read on to see why:

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#1 Pick
A luxurious glamping tent set upon a wooden platform at Crater Lake, featuring comfortable outdoor seating and a telescope aimed towards the sky, capturing the essence of upscale camping with a hint of adventure under the open sky.
Photo courtesy of Rossetto Ranch

Honeylunar Glamping Overview

Rossetto Ranch Honeylunar offers a unique camping experience with many features and benefits to its campers. Here are five of the stand out features:

✅ 50 minutes to Crater Lake entrance
✅ Comfortable – king bed + portable A/C
✅ Pet-friendly – bring your furry friends!
✅ Sustainable – biodegradable toiletries
✅ Off-grid – solar power, recycled water, compost

These features all come together to make Rossetto Ranch Honeylunar an ideal place for campers looking for a secluded retreat near Crater Lake National Park.

Rossetto Ranch Honeylunar Luxury Tent Features

Interior view of a Crater Lake glamping tent, revealing a cozy bed with decorative pillows, a leather armchair, and a small wooden bedside table with a book and a mug, all inviting relaxation in a stylish, natural setting.
A snug corner inside the Honeylunar glamping tent near Crater Lake, featuring a vintage leather butterfly chair and a plush white sofa adorned with pillows, arranged around a small round table holding a vase of fresh flowers, creating an inviting space for relaxation and conversation.
Warm and rustic interior of a Southern Oregon glamping tent showcasing a wooden chest of drawers with brass handles, a small potted plant, and a decorative basket with green foliage, complemented by natural woven rugs on a herringbone-patterned floor.
Close-up of a wooden nightstand in a canvas bell tent on Rossetto Ranch, with a minimalist design lamp on top and a small Toshiba air conditioner nearby, providing modern comforts alongside the tent's chic, natural decor.
Photos courtesy of Rossetto Ranch

Comfortable and Spacious

The king size bed, additional seating, and portable air-conditioning make this bell tent a comfortable and spacious getaway for those camping near Crater Lake National Park. The extra space and amenities make it easier to settle in after a long day exploring the park. With the air conditioning, you can make sure you stay cool while taking in all that nature has to offer.

At night, the wide open sky and low light pollution allows you to stargaze from the comfort of your warm bed inside the tent. Visitors aren’t just confined to the tent. On the patio you will find a telescope with views of Mount Shasta by day, and the stars at night.

The site also contains patio furniture, games, and a fire source plus s’mores suppliers to enjoy the grounds as well.

With all these features, this tent is perfect for those looking for a luxurious camping experience right outside of Oregon’s beautiful national park.

Outdoor bathroom setup at a Southern Oregon glamping site, with a modern white basin against a wooden backdrop, complete with a black shower pipe and hanging greenery, offering an open-air yet private washroom experience with a view of the lush surroundings.
A rustic and practical outdoor bathroom at Honeylunar, a Southern Oregon glamping site, featuring a wooden step-up to a white toilet and a sleek black washstand with a mirror, providing essential amenities while blending with the natural, wooden environment.
A pair of cozy, coral-colored folded towels generously filled with a selection of sustainable amenity bottles, including shampoo and conditioner as well as a wooden toothbrush, showcasing the thoughtful touches provided for guests at Rossetto Ranch.
Photos courtesy of Rossetto Ranch

Sustainable and Off-Grid

Campers looking for a sustainable way to stay near Crater Lake National Park will love this glamping tent. Not only is it off-grid, but it also comes with a solar-powered outdoor shower, composting bio-toilet, and biodegradable toiletries.

The outside shower is refreshing with a guarded view of the surrounding nature and powered by solar-powered heat. The property is completely off the grid, so water is pumped up from a well rather than sourced from the city. This is beneficial because there is a low water supply in the dry season for surrounding farmland, so the Honeylunar doesn’t add further strain to the community’s water supply.

In addition to using renewable energy, the toiletries including shampoo and even toothbrush provided are biodegradable.

As an alternative to composting toilets, the Honeylunar uses a bio-toilet. Bio-toilets turn waste into cooking gas. Using an anaerobic system to decompose waste, it then turns into renewable biogas for cooking for up to 6 hours. The outdoor kitchen will eventually be setup to use this for cooking, and they plan to add compost as well.

Rather than an a fully built out kitchen, the low impact outdoor kitchen is equipped with a camp stove and sink. For now, the camp stove uses propane fuel, but Rossetto Ranch will be adding the option to use biofuel. The silverware provided is all compostable and biodegradable.

This sustainable accommodation can stand up to the rigors of camping while still reducing the environmental impact upon the neighboring community’s fragile ecosystem. By choosing this tent, campers will have peace of mind that their vacation is not only fun and adventurous – but also preserving the beauty for generations to come.

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A serene outdoor lounge area set amidst shrubby desert with a view of distant mountains, featuring elegant rattan chairs and a matching table, a closed umbrella, and a rustic wooden crate, all bathed in the warm, golden light of the setting sun, perfect for a relaxing evening in nature.
Photo courtesy of Rossetto Ranch

Ideal Location

Nestled between Klamath Falls and Crater Lake, the glamp site is in the ideal location for travelers looking for the best accommodation in the area. In fact, it is located by Klamath Falls – the town nearest to Crater Lake National Park. The next closest town would be Bend, Oregon at nearly two hours away.

It is conveniently close to Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, as well as Spring Creek, so guests can make the most of their outdoor adventures. The rental can also provide inflatable paddle boards to enjoy on the creek.

Crater Lake National Park is home to one of the most stunning sights in Oregon—the beautiful, deep blue lake nestled in a volcanic crater. Visitors to the park can take in its breathtaking views from any of the overlooks around the lake or hike around its perimeter.

Also a short drive away is the incredibly underrated Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California. Check out the caves and old lava flows for a great day trip during your stay.

With such a variety of activities to explore nearby, it’s no wonder why more and more visitors are choosing this glamping spot. Whether they are interested in borrowing paddleboards to visit Spring Creek or spending the day exploring Crater Lake National Park, visitors will have everything they need in this one location.

A charming 'Honeylunar' wooden sign with white cursive lettering, casually leaning against a vintage wagon wheel beside a country path at this glamping accommodation near Klamath Falls, evoking a rustic and romantic atmosphere.
View from inside a glamping tent through the open flap door, framing a peaceful outdoor seating area and the expansive natural landscape beyond, encapsulating the tranquility and beauty of glamping near Klamath Falls.
Photos courtesy of Rossetto Ranch

Benefits the Local Community

Rossetto Ranch is a working farm owned by Klamath Falls locals Justin and Morgan Grant. They love hosting and meeting people from around the world. Justin and Morgan lived on the property nearby at Shasta Cottage until their family continued to grow. They have recently moved but are sometimes around to interact with guests.

Owner Justin sits on the local water board for Klamath Falls and is in touch with community hardships that surrounding farms face like water shortages in the dry season. This is why their decision to draw well water rather than city water benefits the community.

In general the owners at Rossetto Ranch are very mindful of their community and the properties impact. When we spoke, they lamented that many have lost their farms due to hard times, and supplementing their income with the rental property helps them continue to prosper.

Klamath Falls is often referred to as a “pass-through town,” meaning that visitors heading to Crater Lake or South to California do not often stop in. Choosing to stay with the Honeylunar brings business back to the town and benefits the local community in more ways than one.

A rustic outdoor scene at a Southern Oregon glamping site featuring a neatly stacked pile of firewood and a portable UKIAH audio system, ready for an evening of warmth and entertainment under the open skies.
A wooden pathway leading to the entrance of a glamping tent platform, bordered by natural shrubbery and with a view of rolling hills in the distance, evoking a sense of welcoming and adventure in Southern Oregon's glamping experience.
A portable outdoor kitchenette with a two-burner gas stove on a wooden cart, organized drawers containing s'mores supplies and binoculars, next to a doormat stating 'It's always happy hour here', highlighting the amenities offered for a comfortable camping experience.
Photos courtesy of Rossetto Ranch

Cons of staying at the Honeylunar

Staying in the Honeylunar means rustic accommodations. While the property includes bathroom, shower, and kitchen amenities, plus a comfortable room to stay in, it may still be a bit rustic for some travelers. We say embrace the adventure.

As we mentioned, the bathroom and kitchen are located outside of the main tent. During our stay, we avoided a huge torrential downpour from staying in our regular camping tent. That being said, we did have a funny experience trying to run to the restroom outside during the storm.

After a while, the storm cleared and we were free to return to the outdoors safely. It’s all a part of the adventure. And we were glad it hadn’t come down on us in the little camping tent we were staying at other campsites with.

Cozy southern Oregon glamping setup inside a canvas tent with a plush bed adorned with decorative pillows, a stylish leather butterfly chair, and a small wooden side table holding a book titled 'OFF-GRID'. Textured rugs and warm lighting create a welcoming atmosphere, evoking a luxurious camping experience near Klamath Falls.
Photos courtesy of Rossetto Ranch

My Experience Glamping at the Honeylunar Tent

The first time I glamped in a canvas bell tent, I was overwhelmed by how great the experience was. Even though I thought I knew what to expect from the photos online, it exceeded my expectations.

The Honeylunar provided us with a safe place to stay during torrential downpours, as well as a comfortable bed and beautiful scenery of Southern Oregon.

One of my favorite parts of glamping in the tent was having access to all the amenities that you don’t get with traditional camping – such as a cozy bed, plush pillows and blankets, and even an outdoor shower! And when morning came around, all I had to do was unzip one side of the tent and let the sunshine in.

I’d highly recommend glamping in Honeylunar’s canvas bell tent for anyone looking for an exciting outdoor experience with added comfort. It’s an amazing way to explore nature while having all of your needs met – plus, you get to relax under the stars afterwards!

Honeylunar Pricing

Staying at the Honeylunar is an experience that’s worth the investment. With rates starting at $150+ per night, you’ll get a comfortable and quiet stay in the beautiful wilderness of Oregon.

You also won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay near Crater Lake – the Honeylunar books up quickly, so booking in advance is highly recommended.

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Entrance sign reading 'Welcome UMPQUA National Forest' with the USDA Forest Service emblem, set against a backdrop of dense evergreen trees and a gently flowing river in the Umpqua National Forest, conveying the natural beauty and serene environment of the region
Breathtaking view of Crater Lake's deep blue waters with the prominent Wizard Island in the center, surrounded by steep caldera cliffs and framed by lush green conifer trees under a soft cloudy sky, capturing the tranquil and majestic scenery of Crater Lake National Park.

Other Stays Near Crater Lake

Shasta Cottage – Rossetto Ranch now has a second stay on the property called Shasta Cottage that is more of a typical stay. The cottage is near and dear to the owners’ hearts, as it is where they lived together as a family and brought home their first child. Now they are renting it out to visitors and are excited to imagine the memories that others will create in their special space.

Camping in Umpqua National Forest – on another visit to a hot springs in Umpqua National Forest, we stayed at a nearby campground. The forest is just North of Crater Lake and the campsite is a quick 20-minute drive to the entrance of the park. However, accommodations are extremely rustic, with pit toilets and no showers.

Bend, Oregon – Besides Klamath Falls, the second closest town to the park is Bend. Located two hours away, you can find many more formal accommodations including some fun camping themed hotels we mentioned on our guide to day trips from Bend, Oregon.

An inviting outdoor seating area set amidst a wild shrubbery landscape at golden hour, featuring white cushioned bamboo chairs, a round table with a dice game ready to play, and a closed patio umbrella, offering a peaceful spot for leisure in a natural setting.
Photos courtesy of Rossetto Ranch

FAQs About Crater Lake Glamping in Oregon

What is glamping?

Glamping is a luxurious way of camping, usually involving amenities like air conditioning, large beds, and private bathrooms. It is a great way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

Is there luxury glamping in Oregon?

Yes! Stay at the Honeylunar in Southern Oregon to enjoy a luxury tent experience complete with air-conditioning and a king-sized bed.

Where do people stay when they visit Crater Lake National Park?

The closest town, Klamath Falls, offers a range of hotels and lodges for those who want to stay close by. But for an extra-special experience, glamping at Honeylunar tent is a must! Located just outside the national park boundary, this luxurious canvas tent provides all the creature comforts you need while still offering quick access to explore Crater Lake.

Does Crater Lake have yurts?

There are no yurts inside of the park, but the Honeylunar canvas bell tent located just outside of the park is the perfect place for glamping in style.

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Final Thoughts: Is Staying at Honeylunar Worth It?

Yes, you should stay at the Honeylunar.

Glamping near Crater Lake at Honeylunar tent is the perfect way to experience the region while staying comfortable and safe.

From the experienced camper to the first-time hiker, the Honeylunar tent is the right mix of rugged and comfortable; making it a great destination for any type of outdoor enthusiast.

Why not take a break from your regular routine and embark on an adventure in this remarkable part of Southern Oregon?

We hope you enjoyed our post about glamping near Crater Lake and that it has inspired you to make your next stop Honeylunar Tent!

We invite you to check out our upcoming post about all the amazing activities available in Crater Lake National Park for more ideas on what you can do during your stay.

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