Dream Destinations

Dreaming leads to planning leads to travel. Here are a few places we are currently dreaming of visiting.

*Please note I do not own these photos, as I have yet to visit these beautiful places! These locations are represented using responsibly sourced stock photos. We fully respect the work of creatives and will always give credit whenever using another's work!



Now that we are gearing up to take our first trip to Europe together (and my first time ever), I cannot wait to add this culturally rich and dreamy destination to my list. I could easily spend months wandering around Italy, but for now it will stay at the forefront of my list.

Chile - Argentina - Patagonia Area

We simply cannot wait to spend our days hiking in the Torres del Paine park and our nights taking in all the spicy dancing and delicious foods that this beautiful area have to offer.




Hot and spicy in more than one way, Cuba is another hot spot I have been dreaming of lately. The music, the amazing food, and the spirited people are only a few of the reasons I cannot wait to touch down and explore this little island.



With the west coast being so close to this archipelago, it is impossible not to dream of the rich beauty that the Hawaiian Islands are known for. I cannot wait to escape to the incredible beaches and breathtaking scenery that awaits at the top of a volcanic hike here.


Banff National Park - Canada

A little colder than other destinations we are dreaming of, but not any less dramatic. Camping, hiking, and constant stunning views are just a few of the reasons Banff is on our list.